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Plano Chiropractor Provides Pain Relief for Neck Pain and Back Pain

Our Plano chiropractor, Dr. Gonzalez integrates a range of effective techniques, combiningPlano chiropractor provides pain relief for neck pain patients chiropractic treatments with conventional care for optimum health and pain relief for neck pain, back pain and chronic conditions. Dr. Gonzalez has long worked with surgeons, trainers and physical therapists restoring the proper biomechanics and balance to the body, a restoration that comes with myriad benefits. Full freedom of movement, alleviation of pain, and relief from a number of conditions are included in those benefits. At A.K. Chiropractic, we continue our close association with traditional practitioners, working with an M.D. for analysis, while also providing a full range of services for a number of conditions.

Plano Chiropractic Treatments for Pain, Allergies and Weight Loss

Our Plano chiropractic techniques provide pain relief, herniated disk treatments, and reduction in symptoms from chronic conditions while restoring the body to its optimum functioning and health. We also offer alternative, holistic care for conditions like fatigue,  fibromyalgia, lupus, Crohn's disease, food allergies, and IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome. Treatments for allergies using of our allergy and feedback machine are also offered at our chiropractic center. Additionally, we offer massage therapy to maximize pain relief. We can also test for a number of conditions through hair and blood analysis. The latter is particularly useful for determining hormone levels, as low levels of hormones increase the risk of other health problems.

We are able to treat a wide range of conditions due to the equally wide range of services we offer. Plano chiropractic care tops our list, with non-invasive, all-natural ak chiro 023.JPGtechniques for herniated disk treatments and a focus on applied Kinesiology. Dr. Gonzalez uses Applied Kinesiology to gauge the muscles relation to movement, pain and the relief thereof. Treatments for auto accidents are one of our most common focuses, but we also provide corrective and rehabilitative treatments for sports and personal injuries (common causes of herniated disks). You do not need to be pain to benefit from our chiropractic care, either. Our spinal and postural screenings can help ensure your backbone is properly aligned, which is a key component for overall wellness and optimum health.

Advice on diet for weight loss is another reason many patients seek out our services. Our Plano chiropractor provides a full scope of nutritional services, including diet for weight loss counseling, wellness and nutrition programs, and nutritional supplements. One of our goals is to help ensure your body is receiving the proper nutrients and calories needed to most effectively function as well as maintain a healthy weight. We can provide lifestyle suggestions that further assist with losing weight and gaining overall wellness with tips and changes that may make a world of difference for your health.

Whether you are seeking treatment for a specific condition, healing injuries or for your overall health, our chiropractic care and other pain relief and herniated disk treatments are always at your service.

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