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Headache Relief

Headache Relief In Plano

My favorite condition to treat: HEADACHES

Ever since I can remember I have suffered from headacheheadaches. They are the ones we would classify as tension headaches that would turn into migraine headaches. I would only take meds like Excedrin & most of the time that would work in providing relief. As time went by, the headaches got stronger and more frequent. It got to the point where I was having them three times a week & the meds only took the edge off. I always blamed it on stress or not getting enough sleep but the truth is that there had to be something that was causing me to be prone to headaches. It was especially frustrating for me since I was a chiropractor & had helped many patients get rid off their headaches & it was not until I discovered the cause of my headaches that my headaches went away. You're only one call away from relief. 



Like any type of pain symptom, headaches are a signal by the brain to notify us that there is something wrong, by no means shall we minimize it just because headaches are common, so let us look for the cause! Now this is my analysis of the cause; if you are looking for a medical understanding of headaches, please also take a look at This list does not include all posibilities but simply a list of causes that I see most common in my office.

1. Typically, by the time a patient shows up in my office for chronic headaches, they have had an MRI or CAT scan of the head; if not, this has to be ruled out first, in which we can order the MRI or CAT scan.

An organic headache is the result of an abnormality in the brain or skull. It can be caused by a benign or malignant brain tumor, a brain aneurysm, hematoma, meningitis, brain abscess, brain infection, cerebral hemorrhage, or encephalitis.

Fortunately, very few headaches (less than 5 percent) are caused by tumors, and not all people with tumors experience headaches. A tumor will cause a headache if it intrudes on arterial space or increases intracranial pressure. If there is a brain tumor, the headache will probably come on suddenly and intensely. It may get progressively worse and can be aggravated by coughing or physical activity.

Tune into symptoms that could be red flags: a sudden, sharp, intense or severe pain (particularly if you never or only occasionally have a headache); sudden lack of balance or falling; confusion; inappropriate behavior; seizures; difficulty speaking. If these symptoms are left undiagnosed, they can lead to serious consequences.

2. By far, the most common type of headaches that I deal with are circulatory in nature; stress on the heart. We treat this with the proper nutrition supplementation, diet and exercises. Most migrane headaches fall in this category.

3. Structural pressure, this is where you have a pinching effect due to stress on the joints of the upper neck or Temporal Mandibular Joint, this will cause muscles of the neck to tense up. If it is a TMJ problem, we may have to work with your dentist to help with your bite or prescribe a bite guard. If it is coming from the neck, where you have a mal-alignment of the neck bones, we will need to manipulate the spine or what we call an "adjustment". I specialize in a technique in the alignment of the upper cervical spine. We also adjust the TMJ and work with the corresponding muscles.

4. Food sensitivities or intolerances, we will either do a muscle response test or blood work to see if you have an issue with certain foods that could be triggering your headaches. There are a few choices for treatment of this -- you can simply avoid the food; in certain cases it is almost impossible if it is a phenolic or a salicylate food. You may be asking, Would I not know it if I was allergic to a certain food? But the problem is, that depends on the type of antibody your body produces, the reaction is delayed, meaning you eat something with wheat today and you get a headaches two days later. Once we determine the food trigger, we can retrain your immune response with our new technology machine call the NANOSRT -, the other choice is rotating foods and decreasing gut permeability with proper supplementation to help seal the gut from leaking food protein.

5. Hormonal type headaches; these are the headaches that occur when there are sudden shifts in your hormone, we tend to see more of an estrogen dominance in these cases. They tend to occur right before a menstrual cycle with PMS symptoms. Patients will typically complain the headache is around the temples and they will have cravings for chocolate, cheeses and breads.

6. Sinus congestion or infection; pressure in the sinus cavities are secondary in nature in my opinion, as the body may be dealing with an allergy or infection, so we aim at balancing the immune system and helping with drainage in these cases. 

7. Toxicity headaches; toxins can be stored anywhere in the body putting additional stress. In fact, this was what was causing my headaches, once I started detoxing my body, my headaches went away! We have various products and programs to help eliminate toxins. We specifically target heavy metals and chemicals, including drugs. In some cases, is not the toxic build-up of these chemicals but sensitivity to a chemical, in which case we can then apply the NANOSRT protocol.

8. Undetected viruses, parasites, bacteria, and fungi can also be triggering these headaches. They will up-regulate the immune system causing inflamation and can dump toxins into the blood. We can strengthen the immune system to help your body get rid of these critters and drain the lymphatic system.

9. Emotional triggers; certain emotional issues can also cause our muscles to tense up. We offer emotional therapy (the Emotional Code), biofeedback and natural calming supplements to help in these conditions.

10. Visual and tooth headaches; I really do not deal with these conditions, so I will give you the proper prescription to the right doctor.


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