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Plano Chiropractic Care and Herniated Disk Treatments

Chiropractor Dr. Gonzalez is dedicated to helping patients of any age or condition to find pain relief and total wellness. Our Plano chiropractic care includes Plano chiropractic care for pain relief and wellnessa multifaceted approach to health that involves addressing painful conditions at the root level, rather than just alleviating isolated symptoms. The body is an amazing organism that, when given the treatment it needs, can actually heal itself.

We have helped people with herniated disk pain, sports injuries, auto accident injuries, an many types of chronic pain conditions. Through spinal adjustments to ensure that the central nervous system can function properly, to Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, diet and nutrition counseling, herniated disk treatments, therapeutic exercises and other natural techniques, Dr. Gonzalez helps people get well and stay well!

Plano Chiropractic Aids in Injury Recovery

Our Plano chiropractor strives to help patients' central nervous systems function properly by making sure their spines are correctly aligned. Because the spine houses the body's own "information superhighway" between the brain and the rest of the body, misalignments in the vertebrae can pinch nerves and stop critical messages from reaching their destinations. This inevitably results in pain and illness. The spine can either be jolted out of line by an injury, such as an auto accident, or it may be gradually pulled out of alignment by years of poor posture. Dr. Gonzalez carefully examines each patient to determine the exact location of any misalignments. Then, through chiropractic adjustments, he shifts the spine back into its normal curvature so that nerves can operate without interference.

To enhance and complement spinal care, chiropractor Dr. Gonzalez is highly trained in Applied Kinesiology (A.K.), which is an additional method for detecting weak areas of the body. A.K. operates on the same principals as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which states that the body is a coordinated, connected system rather than isolated parts or symptoms. A.K. uses a form of muscle testing to diagnose imbalances based on the strength or weakness of various muscle groups. Once a clear diagnosis is made, we can use a combination of therapies ranging from spinal adjustments and therapeutic exercise to nutrition and other holistic treatments designed to stimulate internal healing and balance.

Because the focus of chiropractic care is to stimulate the body to heal itself by removing Plano chiropractic care provides pain relief for neck painbarriers to health, we emphasize proper diet for weight loss and regular exercise for all of our patients. We help patients build a customized nutrition and exercise plan that helps their bodies heal and thrive. By ensuring that patients are putting the proper nutrients into their bodies, we are enabling them to maintain a healthy, properly functioning nervous system and spine.

Dr. Gonzalez has helped provide people pain relief for neck pain, shoulder, knee and back pain issues. Our treatments have also provided relief from food allergies, fatigue and fibromyalgia, lupus, Crohn's disease, and IBS. We coordinate treatment with our patients' traditional doctors for the best outcome and  accept many insurance plans.

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